Sustainable Brands

Pete Champion, Group Partner at I-AM and Director of 3D Design, spoke at Sustainable Brands Istanbul on May 28.

During his presentation, Pete shared his views on the importance of ‘good business’ for brands by providing examples of global brands that have built long-term loyalty and emotional affinity with consumers by doing good in the world.

But doing good for the planet alone is not enough to appeal to consumers over the long term – your offer has to match it, both in terms of product and customer experience. To be considered a successful ‘sustainable’ brand, your offer must BE good and DO good. Doing good for the sake of doing good is not going to cut it.

The next challenge is to communicate your brand’s sustainability story in a way that’s engaging and meaningful to your stakeholders.

At I-AM we help brands in both of these ways: we design and develop compelling customer experiences and we create memorable brand stories.  The output of our work creates a stronger bond between your company and your customer, which, in turn, helps improve the performance of your business. Talk about sustainable…!

Drop us a line or give us a call: we would love to discuss about how we can help you enhance the experience you offer your customers and the stories you tell in order to engage with them better.